Friday, May 20, 2005

Educational Shows Worth Watching

Not all "educational" shows are worth the airtime that they occupy. Here are a few of my favorite math shows:

This PBS show does name Hacker as the "bad guy" but aside from that, it is an excellent show. National math standards are addressed. Concepts are clearly presented. Ideas build from the simple to the complex. Real-life connections are included at the end of each episode. Besides it's a cartoon and it's FUN!

Math Monsters
This is my favorite educational show. It is a cartoon series produced with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This is reflected in its goals, teaching methods and concept presentation. My children love to watch it over and over. Appropriate for ages 3-9.

Mathematics is Elementary
A good series for home-school students as a supplementation for a basic program.

The Number Crew
This series is a claymation show for very young children and focuses on basic number concepts.

Ms. Math
This series is intended for parents and teachers who wish to help their children understand the beuaty of mathematics. On demand video is available.

Check your local public TV station to see times and airdates.

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