Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Quail Run Primary School

Well, it's done! I submitted my application to open a public charter school here in Utah County. It wasn't very polished (life has gotten the better of me this week- a 5 year old neighbor died, I have the flu, I have a 3 day old migraine, last week was the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet and I was in charge...) but it's done.

We'll see what the state charter board thinks of the initial application. If I score high enough we can submit an updated application in June.

Mission Statement

Quail Run Primary School is a “learner centered” educational setting that embraces an inter-disciplinary curriculum and a multi-sensory methodology which in conjunction provide significant engaged learning time, integrate educational technology, include substantial gross motor movements, emphasize real-life connections, motivate learning beyond the classroom, and inspire environmental responsibility.



Students at Quail Run Primary School study Mathematics, English language arts, natural sciences, history and social science, world languages and cultures, healthy lifestyles, fine arts, and study habits through inter-disciplinary lesson plans emphasizing practical application and environmental responsibility. School-wide thematic units encourage cross-curricular connections while after-school enrichment classes give students the opportunity to explore specific subject areas in more depth.


Teachers at Quail Run Primary School plan hands-on activities and multi-sensory experiences that allow students to learn through discovery and make connections to real-life situations. Teachers encourage student directed learning via content area reading opportunities and scientific exploration. Students participate in weekly “world classroom” field trips. Project based lesson plans are used when possible and teachers take advantage of current educational technologies. All lessons plans used in Quail Run Primary School classrooms incorporate gross motor activities. Direct instruction is used in limited circumstances but all children are still allowed to wiggle while they learn. Innovative teaching techniques are encouraged if they parallel the philosophy and mission of the school.


Teachers at Quail Run Primary School employ alternative assessment methods including oral exams, essays, presentations, electronic portfolios, written tests, quizzes, teacher observations, personal reflection, self assessment, and student interviews. Student progress is reviewed with parents every 9 weeks. Teachers use standards based report cards and students who demonstrate competency of 85% or greater in any given academic subject by the end of the school year receive a cumulative “PASS” grade for that class.

Learning Environment

The Quail Run Primary School building is a safe, beautiful, energy efficient, and stimulus rich facility that utilizes technology for security and instruction. The building and playgrounds exceed national accessibility requirements. The flexible learning spaces are filled with computers and comfortable, ergonomic furniture. Classroom design encourages students to be responsible for their own learning behaviors. Learning materials are stored in easily reached locations, each classroom has its own drinking fountain, and every learning area has a private toilet room. Students choose from a variety of workspaces including individual cubbies, reading nooks, traditional desks, group tables, desk free zones, outdoor rooms, and computer stations. The school grounds and indoor facilities feature interactive playscapes, classical and whimsical exhibits, and student designed artwork.

Quail Run Primary School strives to minimize its negative impact on the world environment through “green school” policies and zero waste procedures such as recycling, appropriate use of technology, composting, responsible paper consumption, and xeriscape gardening.


Quail Run Primary School uses technology for security, interactive instruction, record keeping, communication, and special education needs. Quail Run Primary School promotes access to technology at home as well as at school by providing laptops to older students, by integrating technology throughout its school-wide lesson plans, by utilizing traditional computer labs for after school access, and by dedicating a large portion of the yearly budget to technology services.

Student Body

Quail Run Primary School serves students in grades Kindergarten through eight. Full day, self contained kindergarten classes are held for children who are at least five years old on or before September 1st of the year of enrollment. Students in grades one through eight participate a variety of learning groups that may include students of diverse cultures, genders, ages, native languages, energy levels, academic abilities, and learning styles. A self contained, tuition based Pre-school for children age three to five is also available.

Family Involvement

Because family involvement is an integral component of the Quail Run Primary School philosophy, no separate parent organization exists. Families are presented with a variety of long term or short term volunteer opportunities. Parents and guardians may volunteer in their students’ classrooms each week or they may donate their time and expertise for special events. Families serve on school steering committees that make recommendations to the School Board of Trustees to enrich the educational experience of all students attending Quail Run Primary School. Parents of students also serve on the School Board of Trustees. Quail Run Primary School encourages family involvement throughout the year with events such as our back-to-school picnic, the spring gala, the fall fair, and parent education classes.


Teachers at Quail Run Primary School are selected for their expertise in specialty subject areas and their willingness to seek additional professional development opportunities. Every teacher is licensed by the state of Utah and holds appropriate endorsements for the subject(s) they teach. All teachers are trained to identify and assist students with disabilities. In addition, all teachers work toward a gifted/talented endorsement beginning their first year of teaching. In the classroom, faculty members team teach in a school mentoring program. Teachers serve on school steering committees to evaluate new technologies and innovative teaching techniques. They work collaboratively to refine school-wide lesson plans, share educational strategies, and adapt school-wide discipline policies.

To meet the needs of all students, the faculty at Quail Run Primary School includes a special services team that, as needed, includes such educational professionals as a school psychologist, a guidance counselor, special education teachers, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, an ASL interpreter, a speech and language pathologist, ESL specialists, and a school nurse.

Administrative Site Team

Quail Run Primary School has an administrative site team that reports directly to the Charter School Board. Each member of the site team focuses on one or two related aspects of school management and may include such positions as School Director, Director of Student and Family Services, Assistant Director, Faculty Mentor Coordinator, Business Manager, Finance Director, Curriculum Director, Director of Operations, Special Education Coordinator, and Technology Director.

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Barbara said...

Just an update- We received notification this morning that our initial application was approved and we WILL move on to the second round of applications. If we make it through the next round then the real fun begins!!