Saturday, April 27, 2013

Read-Aloud: Fablehaven

What we're reading together...Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Fablehaven is a terrific fantasy series that appeals to a broad age range. There are five books total, with the first book being the shortest. The author lives here in Utah so we had the opportunity to meet him in person and get a signed copy of each book in the series.

Our Extension Activities
  • It's been fun to collect images off the internet of vocabulary words from the book: aurora borealis, boathouse, bivouac, breastplate, mesa, butte, centuar, corkscrew, crossbow, fleur-de-lis, gazebo, geodesic dome, golem, griffin, hacienda, harpy, kachina, karkadann, limberjack, lammasu, lycanthrope, mannequin, manor, manticor, matryoshka doll, minotaur, paddle boat, peryton, phonograph, plateau, pueblo, quarrel, raft, roc, satyr, sirrush, sphinx, Stonehenge, toga, totem pole, unicorn, yahtzee, ziggurat.
    Mississippi River
  • Brandon Mull LOVES serial commas so it's an easy way to point out their use in print. These lists also provide multiple opportunities to discuss adjectives.
  • We also checked out the map for the various geographic locations mentioned in the book (Mississippi River, Ethiopia, Australia, Turkey).
  • I searched YouTube for videos demonstrating a limberjack to help the kids see one in action.
  • We also played several games of Yahtzee, just like they did in the book.

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