Monday, November 25, 2013

Where in the World?

November 18 – November 22
Our theme for the twelfth week of school is "Where in the World?"

Our interactive read-aloud for this week was The Bunyons by Audrey Wood. The primary skill is understanding figurative language (hyperbole) and it makes a fun connection to geography since the story depicts how formations across the U.S. were created.

We have moved on to subtraction with a focus on fractions. My favorite manipulatives to use are Pattern Blocks and Rainbow Fraction Bars.

The theme of this week centers around geography and since we are studying the expansion of the U.S., I thought this video about the U.S. Border with Canada would be fun. One Look At The United States-Canada Border Reveals Some Ridiculous Things.We ended up watching it several times because the kids found it so interesting.

I suppose that it wouldn't be November without football. Aside from the basics of learning to throw a football correctly and understanding the basics of the game, we also studied the protective equipment used in football. Even students who are not athletic enjoy learning why football helmets are made of plastic rather than metal, what a concussion is and why each football team has more than one uniform design/color scheme.

All eight centers are now open: drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, digital arts, fabric arts, sculpture or clay. Our five minute museum for this week was The View of Toledo by El Greco.

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